Dehumanized Male

swallow my spit and ash femdom ashtray

Do these girls really use their husband or boyfriend as a human ashtray? Yes of course we do and we love it. It’s very degrading and humiliating to be used in this way, but oh so hot. The dehumanization of the male is what turns us all on. The fact that they are no longer considered human, but as an object.

See this clip and discover much more like it at the awesome Femdom Empire.

Goddess Raven – Foot Worship

goddess raven foot worship

Does any male in his right mind turn down the chance to worship the feet of Goddess Raven. She is after all one of the great Goddesses of our time. She is perfection. Especially when she is puffing on a cigarette. I get rock hard just from the previews. Fuck yeah Goddess Raven is my favorite Domina. She has loads of movie clips at Miami Mean Girls and she rocks in every one.

See Goddess Raven at Miami Mean Girls

Ugly Male Eats Our Ashes

ashtray slave femdom girls

Two of the hottest mean girls from Miami Mean Girls are teaching a much older ugly person about their obvious superiority because they are intelligent,wealthy and beautiful and he is stupid, ugly and poor. So basically the girls get to use him as their slave and today they want him to become their human ashtray. The inferior being obliges and is grateful that they even acknowledge his presence.

I love this site because it all seems so real. Maybe it is. See for yourself at Miami Mean Girls.

Goddess Amadahy Smoking

Goddess Amadahy is one of the most dominant women in the world. AS her ashtray slave, you can expect little mercy and lots of pain. Click for Amadahy smoking clip for human ashtray fans.

Amadahy Smoking
As you watch me light my cigarette, I know how badly you want to be my little ash slut. Not only do you think it’s so sexy watching a hot girl smoke, but you wish to be on your knees, by my side, so that I can ash in your mouth. Here, in public, by the pool, so everyone can see what a filthy little fool you are. Your mouth drools as I smoke in my bikini right next to you, barely paying attention to you, as you hear the others by the pool laughing at you.

You want the air that you breathe to be my smoke, and you want to swallow down my ashes, having them be the food that feeds your soul. Open your mouth, eat my ashes, and swallow them. Show me how low you’ll go for me. Don’t my ashes taste good? Aren’t you sooo lucky to be able to eat my ashes? I don’t see you begging. Beg me for more. Show me how much you want my abuse….see Goddess Amadahy at Humiliation POV

Used as a Human Ashtray

The Goddesses from Miami Mean Girls are so hot and sexy, well of course you’re going to let them use you as an ashtray. Girls using men is what its all about.

human ashtray

In this clip We are all using one of Our losers that serves Us as a human ashtray. (And it is actually Goddess Nina’s first time EVER ashing into a subhuman loser’s mouth like this! Priceless! 🙂 Princess Perfection doesn’t even really smoke, but she wants to get in on the action/abuse- so We give her a swisher sweet cigar so she has something to make the slave eat too! LOL.

Slaves are so pathetic. Like animals, really. I mean, We have this one’s cock locked up in a chastity device, a camera strapped to it’s head, and all 3 of Us are literally ashing in it’s mouth- like it really is nothing more than a THING for Us to USE….